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Original imported digital flat panel suspension (double board) high-end DR system

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    • Commodity name: Original imported digital flat panel suspension (double board) high-end DR system

    KP2018 series high frequency digital medical suspension arm (flat panel) X-ray photography system

    Omnidirectional projection green photography



    1. Mature technology, rich configuration, with multiple power options: 50KW/80KW

    2. International design concept to create a cantilever frame with both beauty and performance, suitable for conventional photography of various complex postures

    3. With one-key operation, automatic tracking and other intelligent operations to improve work efficiency,

    4. High-quality tube, exquisite workmanship, excellent heat dissipation performance, and high-quality line source.

    5. High-frequency inverter high-voltage generator, the image quality is greatly improved, bringing you a real green photography experience

    6. The excellent flat panel detector and large imaging surface are more conducive to the inspection of tall, obese patients or large parts of the tissue. At the same time, large pixels can clearly display bones and fine tissue structures

    7. The high-performance self-developed image processing system maximizes the density and dynamic range of the image, while strictly maintaining the correctness of the information without any artifacts. Automatically provide the best image quality

    8. Equipped with a high-resolution monitor, the image details are displayed more clearly and the layers are more abundant

    9. Equipped with the international standard DICOM3.0 interface to seamlessly connect with the hospital's PACS/HIS/RIS and other systems, which is convenient for patient information management and shared storage, and further improves the hospital's glue-free, informatization and digitalization


    Product description

    KP2018 series high-frequency digital medical suspension arm (flat panel) X-ray photography system is a new technology that uses computer to directly perform digital X-ray photography, and its main function is digital photography. It can carry out all-round photographic diagnosis of various postures such as standing, lying, sitting, etc. on the head, neck, shoulders, chest, waist, abdomen, and limbs of the human body. Because of its fast imaging speed, it can reduce patient waiting time, increase patient satisfaction, and improve the service level of the hospital; the image is clear, the diagnosis rate is higher, and the risk of misdiagnosis is reduced; the dose used is low, and the radiation is low, which better protects doctors and patients; reduces The film usage rate is in line with the trend of environmental protection; digital images are easy to save and transmit, eliminating the need for film libraries, and can be integrated into the hospital's network information environment and integrated with other data. Through the processing and analysis of digital images, more diagnostic information can be obtained, etc. Features. It has become a necessary medical equipment for radiology departments of hospitals at all levels.



    For the introduction of specific product technical parameters and configuration list, please contact the regional manager of the company to obtain it. All the staff of Cam Medical wish you a happy work!


    After-sales service

    1. Free installation, commissioning and training for operators

    2. Replacement maintenance, improve maintenance speed, reduce maintenance cost and prolong equipment service life

    3. Regular return visits, formulate product service files, and learn more about equipment status

    4. Lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update and upgrade


    Kind tips

    Please operate the equipment according to the safety regulations of the radiology department