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Type I high-end multifunctional high-frequency electric knife

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    • Commodity name: Type I high-end multifunctional high-frequency electric knife

    Fully functional and widely used

    Product advantages 

    1. High market share, low failure rate, well received.
    2. With a variety of working modes, it is suitable for the needs of various surgical operations, and various acousto-optic display functions are complete.
    3. With safety linkage device and intelligent identification, it can automatically protect and stop output in case of failure; New scientific research achievements are adopted, including full bridge high-frequency switching power supply without power frequency transformer as the energy of high-frequency power amplifier, so the isolation between the application part of electric knife and network power supply is dual; The three outputs are guaranteed to be independent of each other by the internal high-voltage relay, so it provides guarantee for the safety of users and patients.
    4. Reliable and stable performance: the open circuit voltage reaches 7000-10000v, and the cutting is smooth without sticking; The power can be automatically compensated, and the power can be automatically increased or decreased according to the different impedance of the human body.
    5. High cost performance: nickel alloy cutter head is adopted, which can cut smoothly, save consumables, reduce cost and have high cost performance.


    Product introduction

    Jdgd-i multifunctional high-frequency electric knife is a high-tech product successfully developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University Nanyang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. and identified by the State Drug Administration.
    There are six working modes: pure cutting, mixed cutting 1, mixed cutting 2, mixed cutting 3, electrode coagulation and bipolar coagulation.
    Detailed parameters
    For specific product technical parameters and configuration list, please contact the regional manager of the company. All employees of Kam medical wish you a happy work!


    after-sale service

    1. Free installation, commissioning and training for operators
    2 replacement maintenance, improve the maintenance speed and reduce the maintenance cost
    3 lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update and upgrade



    Please operate the equipment according to the safety regulations of the radiology department