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Imported digital high frequency DSA angiography machine

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    • Commodity name: Imported digital high frequency DSA angiography machine

    Wisdom perspective alone

    Product advantages

    1. The original imported high-quality ball tube and heat dissipation capacity ensure the needs of high-power and high-dose exposure of interventional therapy machine, and provide high-quality images for clinic;
    2. The medical megapixel digital imaging system is adopted to emphasize the fineness of the image without reducing the sense of hierarchy of the image and endow the clinical image with vitality;
    3. The digital subtraction system (real-time DSA) with clinical value, Kam medical, with many years of clinical experience, has customized its digital radiography workstation, which provides the necessary hardware and software platform for the development of interventional surgery;
    4. Adopt high-quality SSD storage products with short start-up time, enhance image processing speed, enhance video processing, storage and replay speed, support high frame mass storage, and the core components are independently developed;
    5. Smart ABC automatically measures the brightness of all exposed objects to realize full-automatic brightness perspective
    6. Automatic motion detection can eliminate motion artifacts, automatically identify the movement of objects, and ensure that the equipment objects will not be broken when moving. Especially in orthopedic intervention and vascular intervention, it is very important to remove artifacts
    7. The workstation is equipped with dicom3 as standard 0 interface is connected with the hospital network and has the function of high-capacity digital storage. Perspective and digital dot films are stored losslessly in digital format
    8. The C-arm has the function of electromagnetic lock, and the C-arm cable is fully built-in to ensure the safety of operation.

    Product introduction

    Kmc-950 original imported high-frequency digital DSA angiography machine is a powerful guarantee for complex interventional surgery because of its system safety and handling, and has a wide range of applications. It is applicable to orthopedics, interventional medicine, vascular surgery, cardiology, endocrinology, hepatobiliary surgery, Gastroenterology, infectious diseases, oncology, obstetrics and Gynecology, neurology and other departments. Examples: orthopaedic intervention, vascular surgery, radiotherapy localization, pain intervention, ERCP (cholangiography + stent), tumor intervention, nerve intervention, neurosurgical angiography and subtraction; Gastrointestinal interventional surgery, etc

    Detailed parameters

    Please contact the regional manager of the company for the specific product technical parameters and configuration list. All employees of Kam medical wish you a happy work!

    after-sale service

    1. Free installation, commissioning and training for operators
    2. Replacement maintenance can improve the maintenance speed, reduce the maintenance cost and prolong the service life of the equipment
    3. Make regular return visits, formulate product service files, and understand the equipment status in detail
    4. Lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update and upgrade


    Please operate the equipment according to the safety regulations of the radiology department

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