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Multifunctional urine flow meter

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  • Product description
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    • Commodity name: Multifunctional urine flow meter

    Intelligent induction, noninvasive and painless

    Product advantages

    1. Fashionable and beautiful, compact structure and space saving;
    2. Intelligent start, real-time display of urinary flow rate change curve;
    3. It adopts precision sensor and microcomputer processing, which has the characteristics of accurate measurement, high degree of automation and convenient operation
    4. Automatic printing of graphic case reports;
    5. Non invasive and painless, price concessions, fast and convenient.

    Product introduction

    Jdnl-ii high-end multifunctional urometer is an instrument that automatically records the urination process, which can objectively reflect the nature and degree of urination failure disease, and make correct judgment through the analysis of urination curve data. The machine adopts precision sensor and microcomputer processing to record complete urine flow parameters in real time. The inspection has no damage, no contact, favorable price and fast cost recovery.

    Detailed parameters

    Please contact the regional manager of the company for the specific product technical parameters and configuration list. All employees of Kam medical wish you a happy work!

    after-sale service

    1. Free installation, commissioning and training for operators
    2. Replacement maintenance can improve the maintenance speed, reduce the maintenance cost and prolong the service life of the equipment
    3. Make regular return visits, formulate product service files, and understand the equipment status in detail
    4. Lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update and upgrade


    Please operate the equipment according to the safety regulations of the radiology department