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Multifunctional dynamic gastrointestinal Dr

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    • Commodity name: Multifunctional dynamic gastrointestinal Dr

    大帧率 有效提高确诊率

    ADRF Series Multifunctional Dynamic Gastrointestinal DR

    Ultra-large frame rate effectively improves the diagnosis rate


    Product advantages

    1. One machine has multiple functions, integrating various functions such as digital perspective, digital photography, digital gastrointestinal, and digital imaging.

    2. The multi-functional examination bed, with a wide range of rotation, can be fully qualified for special examinations such as spinal angiography and barium enema that require large-angle tilt, and can be automatically positioned in the upright and horizontal positions

    3. Imported flat-panel detector, high pixel, large pixel matrix, realize large-format high-definition image, clearly show the picture level

    4. The perfect combination of imported image intensifier and ultra-low illumination CCD camera, high frame rate image acquisition and conversion, higher fluency, reducing misdiagnosis caused by low frame rate

    5. Fast switching between perspective mode and photography mode, agile and efficient

    6. In the perspective mode, you can quickly click and take screenshots, accurately capture details at any time, and never miss a detail

    7. Mass storage of digital images and playback of digital images to assist clinical in-depth study of diseases

    8. The equipment running status display, you can know the equipment status at any time, give the most appropriate operation, and prolong the service life


    Product description

    ADRF series multi-functional dynamic gastrointestinal DR is a multi-functional device with both functionality and practicability. It integrates multiple functions such as digital fluoroscopy, digital photography, digital gastrointestinal, and digital imaging. Clinical application in the department. The machine has a wide range of motion, easy operation, and free movement. The integrated operating handle can easily control the movement of the bed body, the imaging system and the rotating foot pedal; the bedside operation switch can control the movement of the bed body and the imaging system, so that the The operation of the inspection table is convenient and easy; the operation mode of the mobile man does not move, and the subject can easily complete a series of inspections from the throat, esophagus to the lower abdomen without moving.



    For the introduction of specific product technical parameters and configuration list, please contact the regional manager of the company to obtain it. All the staff of Cam Medical wish you a happy work!


    After-sales service

    1. Free installation, commissioning and training for operators

    2. Replacement maintenance, improve maintenance speed, reduce maintenance cost and prolong equipment service life

    3. Regular return visits, formulate product service files, and learn more about equipment status

    4. Lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update and upgrade


    Kind tips

    Please operate the equipment according to the safety regulations of the radiology department