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High end digital breast molybdenum target

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    • Commodity name: High end digital breast molybdenum target

    采用CMOS探测器 微小病变无处藏身

    Product advantages

    1. The well-known brand special X-ray tube for breast molybdenum target is adopted, with small focus, high-quality line source and high heat capacity, so as to ensure high-quality pictures. At the same time, the continuous working time of the machine is longer, and the centralized inspection can be easily completed;
    2. Using new CMOS detector technology, the resolution is up to 70lp / cm, which can easily capture calcified lesions below 0.1mm;
    3. The special monitor with large LCD screen is adopted, and the resolution is much higher than that of ordinary monitor to clearly display the image details;
    4. Independently developed console software, with powerful post-processing function and advanced breast post-processing algorithm, you can easily have high-quality digital breast images;
    5. Using the principle of multiple dynamic imaging, the image has a wider dynamic range and the image contrast is greatly improved. Effectively solve the problems of large tissue interference and easy masking of lesions in dense breast images;
    6. The arc corner design of the product ensures the comfort of users;
    7. Humanized design, the compressor is flexibly pressurized, and automatically pops up after exposure. If there is discomfort, the compressor can be released at any time to reduce the pain of patients during examination;


    Product introduction

    ADM series high-end digital mammograph molybdenum target is applicable to the diagnosis of a variety of breast diseases, such as benign tumors, malignant tumors, lobular hyperplasia and gland disorders. It has important clinical significance for the discovery of early breast cancer. It is one of the choices for diagnosing breast diseases at present. It is also a simple and reliable noninvasive detection instrument. The pain is relatively small and the repeatability is good. The retained images can be compared before and after. It is not limited by age and body shape. At present, it has been used as a conventional examination instrument. It can detect breast lumps that doctors can't touch, especially for large breasts and fatty breasts.


    Detailed parameters

    Please contact the regional manager of the company for the specific product technical parameters and configuration list. All employees of Kam medical wish you a happy work!


    after-sale service

    1. Free installation, commissioning and training for operators
    2. Replacement maintenance can improve the maintenance speed, reduce the maintenance cost and prolong the service life of the equipment
    3. Make regular return visits, formulate product service files, and understand the equipment status in detail
    4. Lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update and upgrade



    Please operate the equipment according to the safety regulations of the radiology department

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