Comermy Medical warmly congratulates the successful holding of the "Second Jinling Pain Summit Forum Expert Academic Exchange Meeting"


Pain is now listed by modern medicine as the fifth vital sign after respiration, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature. Long-term local pain will form complex local pain syndrome or central pain, making ordinary pain very severe and difficult to treat, leading to dysfunction of various systems of the body, reduced immunity, and various complications, even disability or disability. endanger the patient's life. Long-term pain not only seriously affects the physical and mental health of patients, but also affects their family life and society. To provide effective treatment for all pain patients is the common goal of medical service practitioners in all countries!


In order to promote the standardization of clinical diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain and promote the healthy development of pain discipline, the 2nd Jinling Pain Summit Forum and "New Progress in Comprehensive Treatment of Cancer Pain" sponsored by the Department of Pain of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University and participated by Kam Medical Class" (No. 2015330310040) was successfully held in Nanjing from August 12th to 14th, 2016. In this meeting, Kam Medical was honored to invite members of the main committee of the Chinese Medical Association Pain Branch, members of the main committee of the Jiangsu Medical Association Pain Branch, and famous pain scholars at home and abroad. It has attracted a large number of medical staff from pain-related departments, oncology, radiotherapy, anesthesiology, interventional medicine, neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, rheumatology, dermatology, traditional Chinese medicine and other pain-related departments. During the meeting, Professor Yi Xiaobin from "University of Washington" explained the development and current situation of pain in Europe and the United States. Many researchers from Cam Medical, related scholars and medical staff in the field of pain discussed the "DSA angiography machine in Cam Medical". "Application in the field of pain!


Nowadays, most of the pain diseases are treated with CT or C-arm X-ray images. Kam Medical has rich research experience in the field of pain, and has been committed to effectively solving the problems that have arisen in the field of pain for many years.


The UHF DSA imported digital angiography machine (KMC950 imported C) launched by Comermy medical South Korea's GEMSS R&D base is a C-arm with high-performance surgery. It can not only meet the needs of every detail, but also use With advanced engineering, the appearance design is also outstanding. KMC950 has many advanced functions, equipped with auxiliary handle and minimized footprint, the presentation of intuitive image UI; it provides fine details and fine images such as lateral angiography while ensuring lower dose radiation control, etc. It also has the following that cannot be ignored The advantages.


1. A wide range of applications

KMC950 imported Chinese C is suitable for general surgery, surgical neurology, vascular surgery, interventional radiology, gynecology, orthopedics and neurosurgery, the most notable is the application of pain.


2. High-quality image presentation 1. High dynamic and high-resolution CCD camera 2. High-resolution black/white LCD medical monitor 3. High-performance rotating anode X-ray tube 4. Wide exposure range 5. Current up to 20mA 6. Pulse fluoroscopy 30 frames/second to achieve more precise operation 7. Design of intelligent ABC automatic brightness control system


3. The intelligent transformation of the system 1. Database management is equipped with more convenient search and saving functions, management of patient information, and comparison of preoperative and postoperative conditions; 2. Mass storage function, which can store patient information in large quantities and provide unlimited research images; 3. Diversification The diagnostic tools can zoom, contrast, image mirror flip, positive and negative image conversion, filtering and edge enhancement, with annotations; 4. DICOM3.0 connected with PACS can store printing, modal work list management MPPS, storage delegation, Image input and output. 4. Optimized workflow 1. Intuitive user interface and touch screen control panel 2. The auxiliary handle brings better mobility 3. The highly integrated design provides more operating space for flexible movement of the rack 4. Mechanical power up and down Move the monitor table, make the image browsing more convenient


After on-site exchanges and interactive demonstrations, the many breakthrough applications of "Kam Medical" C-arm in pain, orthopedics, DSA and other fields have been unanimously recognized and praised by experts, scholars and medical staff. Let us look forward to the wider clinical application of the UHF DSA imported digital angiography machine in the future and the rapid development of the pain field in China, and work together for the cause of human life and health.