Comermy Medical : Enjoy the talent of life with joy, create a lasting business


Now that Hollywood is using superhero stories to attract money more and more cleverly, Marvel and DC have made a lot of money all over the world. Video games naturally also want to share a piece of the pie. There was the success of the "Resident Evil" series before, and now there is another "Warcraft" that everyone has been waiting for for ten years. The popularity of the "Warcraft" movie has made people who don't like to play games full of curiosity about Blizzard Entertainment. We only know that Blizzard has launched a number of classic series and created a game empire with huge output value, but we know very little about its entrepreneurial story. As for Kam Medical in the field of medical devices, do you know anything about it?


In the early days of the business, the two founders of Blizzard had a very clear goal: to make games that they like and are more popular with players. When other game companies are busy fighting for market share. Blizzard, however, continues to have an in-depth understanding of players, insists on the pursuit of high quality and continues to innovate. The high-quality strategy of sharpening a sword in three years is the key to the success of Blizzard, and it is also the goal of Cam Medical!


Comermy Medical will never merge and integrate non-stop for the flooded capital market, we always focus on product research. We will not blindly promote new products in order to meet the needs of the most popular products in the current market. We insist on a more professional independent innovation path.


Blizzard's business strategy is to build brands, not to speculate on famous brands. This coincides with Cam Medical. Com Medical pays attention to strength and innovation without overwhelming publicity. We are more willing to invest funds in more meaningful research and development, so we always speak with product quality and service. . Because a famous brand is not the same as a brand, you can only know if you have experienced it yourself.


Few people can understand the hardships of starting a business. Therefore, entrepreneurial experience is often one of the favorable factors for a company's external publicity image. But in fact, whether it is Blizzard in the game circle or Kam Medical in the medical device industry, few people know about their entrepreneurial experience. An important reason is that they are always reluctant to use the media to hype themselves. At Cam Medical, everyone from the general manager to the employees keeps a low profile. It is often seen that the general manager cleans the office in person, and the colleagues who meet the company on the road will also take the initiative and enthusiastically send each other a ride.


The two have similar requirements for talents. Blizzard: Don't if you don't like to play games, its intention is to guide every employee to understand the game in depth. Cam Medical: If you don’t love life, don’t. Only a person who is full of love for life can be more actively involved in work.


In the game industry, Blizzard employees have the lowest rate of job-hopping, and it is believed that the low rate is related to the different attitudes towards independent entrepreneurs. Blizzard doesn't see them as enemies like other businesses, but respects their entrepreneurial ambitions and keeps them friendly. Because Blizzard really attaches great importance to talents and encourages them to expand the development space that is more suitable for them.


In Comermy Medical , every day I see happy smiling faces, and I hear every word of concern. The Kamu people put all their energy into their own business, professionalism, enthusiasm and initiative are their consistent style. Every external staff, such as sales, is very active and enthusiastic. A good mood can drive people around and transmit positive energy! The company encourages every employee to become a teacher. As long as they have experience in a certain field, after counseling and preparation, everyone has the opportunity to become an expert mentor in this field. At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to the growth of employees. The person in charge of Cam Academy also said: "We have a scientific talent training system, and each batch of new recruits must first enter Cam Academy for ten-day training to help them better understand the company and be able to Adapt to your position faster.”. A perfect promotion system is also essential. Cam Medical establishes a growth file for each employee, and every improvement in the professionalism of the employee is recorded. The professionalism of the employee has a digital score, and promotion and salary increase are guaranteed. related to it. In addition, Kam Medical adheres to the principle of internal promotion first and then external introduction of talents to ensure the promotion and development of internal excellent employees.


Whether Blizzard employees or Cam Medical employees, they all grew up with the company. From Nanjing to Shanghai, from Shenzhen to Seoul, from New York to Hanoi... Every Kamu is shining in his own post! Because of their hard work and selfless work, they have brought great things to the world. Products, the company will develop better and better. At the same time, because we are in an enterprise that pays attention to talents and strength, because this enterprise is practical and practical, because this enterprise has dreams and passion, employees can be more motivated and their potential can be released. On the road of growth, complement each other. Kam Medical understands that the enterprise makes the employees, and the employees make the enterprise!


Blizzard has been constantly telling its own story in the past 20 years, and Cam Medical will continue to write legends in its own way!