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  • 产品名称: Imported KMC-950 Imported High-frequency Digital DSA Angiography System
  • 名称: Imported KMC-950 Imported High-frequency Digital DSA Angiography System
  • 概述: High end DSA intelligence understands you


1, imported high-quality ball tube and heat dissipation ability, to ensure the interventional therapy machine high-power, large dose of exposure, to provide excellent image for the clinical;

2, the use of medical million pixel digital imaging system, emphasizing the delicate degree of the image, while not reducing the image of the sense of hierarchy, giving the vitality of clinical images;

3, has the clinical value of digital subtraction system (real time DSA), Camden medical with years of clinical experience, for its tailored digital radiology imaging workstation provides hardware and software platform for carrying out necessary intervention operation;

4, the use of high-quality SSD storage products start time is short, enhance the image processing speed, enhance processing video, save, replay speed, support high frame mass storage, the core components are independent research and development;

5, Smart ABC, automatically determine the brightness of all exposed body, to achieve full automatic brightness perspective

6, automatic stop motion detection, motion artifact, moving object recognition, to ensure that no fragment equipment of mobile object, especially in the Department of orthopedics and interventional vascular intervention to remove artifacts is very important

7, workstation standard DICOM3.0 interface and the hospital network perfect docking, with a large capacity digital storage function, perspective and digital points are digitized format lossless storage

8, C arm with electromagnetic lock function, C arm cable built-in design, to ensure the safety of surgery.



KMC-950 imported DSA high frequency digital angiography machine system safety and handling of complex intervention is to carry out guarantee operation, it can complete large vascular machines in the clinic (big C) more than 90% surgical needs, use a very wide range. It is suitable for Department of orthopedics, interventional department, vascular surgery, Department of Cardiology, Department of Endocrinology, Department of hepatobiliary surgery, Department of Gastroenterology, infectious diseases, oncology, obstetrics and Gynecology, neurology and other departments. Example: Department of orthopedics intervention, vascular surgery, radiotherapy positioning, pain intervention, ERCP (cholangiography + stent), tumor intervention, nerve intervention, angiography and subtraction angiography in the Department of Neurosurgery, gastrointestinal interventional surgery and other



Product specific technical parameters and configuration list, please contact the company owned regional manager for medical staff, Camden I wish you a happy work!



1, free installation, debugging and operation personnel training

2, replacement maintenance, improve maintenance speed, reduce maintenance costs, extend the service life of equipment

3, regular visits, the development of product service files, a detailed understanding of equipment status

4, lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update upgrade



Please operate the equipment

according to the safety regulations of Radiology Department