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  • 产品名称: Imported ceiling-mounted high-end DR system (Two flat panel detectors)
  • 名称: Imported ceiling-mounted high-end DR system (Two flat panel detectors)
  • 概述: Double plate photography convenient and efficient


1, imported ball tube, better heat dissipation, high heat capacity, suitable for long time clinical examination, long service life

2, independent research and development of high-frequency inverter high voltage generator, to provide strong power for the ball tube, to further improve the ray image, while green safety

3, using imported high performance flat-panel detector, signal acquisition, conversion efficiency is higher, image resolution is higher, while the performance is more stable, longer service life

4, double plate photography, shorten the time of photography, enjoy the convenient, high-end photography

5, high-end fashion six to float bed, help you quickly and easily realize digital photography

6, the ball tube and detector work synchronously, reduce the operation steps, convenient and efficient

The software of image processing and machine

7, professional, highly customized, perfect combination, have strong compatibility, user-friendly interface will greatly optimize workflow, image processing system is complete, with the extraordinary ability of image processing, image

for Clinical Excellence

8, configure international standard DICOM3.0 interface, seamless docking PACS/HIS/RIS system, realize glue free office, information sharing, remote diagnosis. Further realize digital medicine, improve work efficiency, facilitate exchange learning, improve the management and service level of hospital



TITAN series of imported digital tablet suspension (double plate) humanized design with high-end DR system, suspension type frame motion system not only has greater range of motion can be arbitrary angle, with double plate photography, automatic tracking and optimization function, more convenient operation, suitable for different size, different positions and different age the patients head, limbs, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, and all parts of the body supine position, lateral position, is the demand of digital photography. It is very suitable for the comprehensive hospital with large amount of patients, and has absolute advantages in dealing with various complicated position photography with high efficiency camera box.



Product specific technical parameters and configuration list, please contact the company owned regional manager for medical staff, Camden I wish you a happy work!



1, free installation, debugging and operation personnel training

2, replacement maintenance, improve maintenance speed, reduce maintenance costs, extend the service life of equipment

3, regular visits, the development of product service files, a detailed understanding of equipment status

4, lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update upgrade



Please operate the equipment

according to the safety regulations of Radiology Department