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  • 产品名称: Digital Mammary Glands Molybdenum Target
  • 名称: Digital Mammary Glands Molybdenum Target
  • 概述: The latest CMOS detector has nowhere to hide


1, the international famous brand mammography special X ray tube, the focus is minimal, line source quality, and high heat capacity, in order to ensure the quality of the picture at the same time, the machine continued to work longer, easily fix centralized examination;

2, using a new type of CMOS detector technology, resolution of up to 70lp/cm, can easily capture calcification lesions below 0.1mm;

3, the use of large screen LCD monitor, resolution is much higher than the ordinary monitor, clear display of image details;

4, independent research and development of Console software, has a powerful post-processing function, with international advanced breast post-processing algorithm, allowing you to have a perfect digital breast excellent image;

5, the use of multiple dynamic imaging principle, so that the image has a wider dynamic range, image contrast greatly improved. It effectively solves the problems of large tissue disturbance and easily obscured lesions in dense breast images;

6, product arc corner design, to ensure the comfort of users;

7, humanized design, flexible compression device, automatically bounce after exposure. If there is discomfort, the press can be released at any time to reduce the patient's pain during examination;



The diagnosis of ADM series of high-end digital mammography with molybdenum target for various breast diseases, such as benign tumor, malignant tumor, breast lobular hyperplasia and glandular disorder, which has important clinical significance for early detection of breast cancer. The diagnosis of breast diseases is currently preferred, noninvasive detection instrument is simple and reliable, the pain is relatively small, with good reproducibility, can be used for images taken before and after contrast, regardless of age, size restrictions, has been used as routine inspection instrument. It can detect breast lumps that doctors can't touch, especially for large breasts and fatty breasts.



Product specific technical parameters and configuration list, please contact the company owned regional manager for medical staff, Camden I wish you a happy work!



1, free installation, debugging and operation personnel training

2, replacement maintenance, improve maintenance speed, reduce maintenance costs, extend the service life of equipment

3, regular visits, the development of product service files, a detailed understanding of equipment status

4, lifetime maintenance, lifetime free software update upgrade



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