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Comermy Medical(Stock Code:430633) is a listed company focusing on high-end medical equipment. It has an integrated system of R&D, manufacturing, selling and customer service. Being a rapidly developing corporation, we have achieved worldwide synchronization on researching and developing, manufacturing and service.

Comermy has established over a dozen of world-class technology research and Development Centers in Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Bankok, New Dehli, Jakarta,Brussels and Pretoria. With more than 80,000㎡of R&D place area and over thousands of overseas employees, we become a professiona integrated supply organazation covering the development of multi-disciplinary medical science and technology. Comermy is a rising star in high-end medical product industry and an important member in future innovation of medical science and technology.

With the goal of sevice all over the world with love, Comermy insists on independent research, development and innovation. We have over 3,000 clients of Ultrahigh Frequency Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine nationwide, over 4,000 clients of Ultrahigh Frequency DSA Angiography Machine(mid-C&large-C), over 3,500 clients of Exthracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotriptor, over 3,900 clients of digital X-ray machine(DR dual-column) and broad client base on high-end Digital Mammary Glands Machine(Molybdenum Target), Digital Comprehensive Angiography Machine for Gastrointestinal, DR and urology table(3 in 1), Digital Oral Cavity CT, High Frequency Generator and Urine Flow Meter among various countries worldwide. Comermy is constantly providing the best products and service all over the world with love and care.

Comermy insists on being a excellent corporation and a cosmopolitan service organization. With the concept of love and care, we continue independent innovation and outputing best products and service to people all over the world. We are prepared to offer free dedication to those who are in need of help. Comermy is a corporation with dream, an organization carrying the focus and expectation of many people. We own a team formed by the best people, the courge to overcome all difficulties and the great dream beyond money.

Comermy will stay true to itself. By dedicating selflessly and spreading love to the world, by not giving up on building a excellent organization and becoming outstanding people, we will hold the great dream and make it come true with joint effort.

Comermy is a highly open-up corporation. Our warm hands are always reaching out to you, our steps are always following your expectation. Our dream is everyone’s dream, and our goal is the ultimate goal of all mankind. Comermy Medical is looking forward to your gracious presence.

Comermy, service all over the world with love.