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Comermy Medical(Stock Code:430633) is a listed company focusing on high-end medical equipment. It has an integrated system of R&D, manufacturing, selling and customer service. Being a rapidly developing corporation, we have achieved worldwide synchronization on researching and developing, manufacturing and service.

The Year of 1983

Professor Tang Yaozong and Professor Chen Yazhu from the Department of Electrical Engineering in Shanghai Jiaotong University led the development of water-bath extracorporeal shock wave lithortriptor. After the clinical examination in Shanghai Zhongshan hospital, it achieved expected results. They are the developer and manufacturer of the first extracorporeal shock wave lithortriptor in China as well as in the Asian-Pacific region.

The Year of 1983

Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully developed the first dry type(water sac)extracorporeal shock wave lithortriptor in China. In 1987, it succeeded again on JDPN-II dry type with efficient electrode which needed no water channel and caused no pain.

The Year of 1987

In July, Shanghai Jiaotong University won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award with its“kidney stone lithortripsy technology using hydro-electric extracorporeal shock wave”. In December, Professor Wu Jieping(private doctor of Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou, inaugurator of China’s Urological disciplines)hosted the Product appraisal meeting in Beijing of the first extracorporeal shock wave lithortriptor developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University. He announced that the product “reaches design requirements and ready for mass production”.

March, 1988

Shanghai Jiaotong University gathered technical forces from various disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, information control, vibration impact noise, biomedical instrumentation and materiaology and established Shanghai Jiaotong University medical equipment research laboratory.

May, 1989

Registered as Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical Instrument Development Center(renamed as Shanghai Jiaotong University Nanyang Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. In March, 2002)

May, 1990

Shanghai Jiaotong University solemnly declared that “Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical Instrument Development Center is the only institute researches, develops and sales extracorporeal shock wave lithortriptor in our university.”

We are not stopping our forward pace in the 21st century.

The Year of 2003

JDPN-VB type extracorporeal shock wave lithortriptor of Shanghai Jiaotong University Nanyang Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. was identified as Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project. The high and new technology industries of Shanghai is the drafter and constitutor of national lithortriptor standards.

The year of 2004

Nanjing Kpour Technology Co.,Ltd.was officially established. It is dedicated in self-researching and innovating, constantly providing the best products and service to the whole society.

The year of 2005

Developed China’s first high power ultrahigh frequency C-arm X-ray machine(KP5000 series 7.2KW/8.0KW) and became the only enterprise which owned the register certificate of 5.5/6.4/7.2/8.0KW.

The year of 2007

Comermy Medical officially established. With the concept of love and care, it always offered the excellent technologies to the society.

The year of 2010

Formally renamed as Shanghai Comermy Nanyang Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Comermy Medical sincerely thanks Professor Tang Yaozong, Professor Chen Yazhu and various Scientific research and technology experts from Shanghai Jiaotong University for founding a basis of domestic lithortriptor. We are also grateful of the great contribution from technical elites in Shanghai Jiaotong University and our own technical experts, for developing new Comermy Medical products.

The year of 2013

Shareholding reform was done, Shanghai Comermy Nanyang Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Is renamed as Shanghai Comermy Nanyang Medical Instrument Holding Co.,Ltd.

The year of 2014

Comermy Medical is officially listed(Stock Code:430633). After uniting brands, we are thriving for helping mankind technology develop and devoting ourselves to human health.

The year of 2015

The sales increase annually and the market share is extremely high. In order to serve our customers more efficiently, we completed the integration of resources and established over 20 representative offices and after-sale service centers. We are providing a full range of products and services to the society.

The year of 2016

By expanding the markets and continuing developing with Angell Medical, Comermy Medical will always care for human health and spread love and care everywhere we have been to.

Comermy Medical will stand on top of world medical, will achieve its goals with countless people’s expectations, will influence the world on the thoughts of medical science innovation, will make dreams come true after great efforts, will engrave marks on the hearts of every Comermy employees.

Comermy, Service all over the world with love!