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1.People Oriented

Emphasizing the respect to people. Respecting the differences and giving play to people’s advantages. Optimizing human resources and giving full scope to the talents.

Respecting people’s ability differences. Different contributions bring different remuneration. Capabilities and contributions equal remuneration, duties and rights equal benefits.

2.Let proper people do proper things

Put those who have moral and talent in the important positions, give those who have moral but no talent a post, never appoint those who have no moral.

Making appointments on the basis of individual abilities. Capabilities decide positions, contributions decide values.

Apply the competition mechanism of “promoting the competent and demoting the mediocre”. By motivating the potential and subjective initiative of human resources, talents with moral, ability and efficiency will stand out.

3.Innovation and Transcendence

Keep learning, keep innovating and never be satisfied.

Improve salary-incentive mechanism and adhere to performance management. Make serious summary and analysis about assessment result, give objective reward and punishment.

“Today’s best result is tomorrow’s lowest standard.”

4.Common Success

Comermy treats its employees on an equal footing and thrive together with a common goal.

We believe that everyone is talented. We focus on each and every employee’s present and future. The success of people is the biggest success of our company.